Heart Shaped Carved Puzzle Storage

This beautiful handcrafted wood storage box is also a puzzle! What a unique and fun way to store your jewelry and other treasured items. Just take the wooden puzzle pieces out one by one to reveal a fun hidden storage compartment. Each artisan uses hand tools to skillfully carve blocks of sustainably harvested wood into fine treasures. Handmade using ethically sourced Indian Rosewood and finished with natural wax.

Dimensions: 4.5” L, 4.25” W, 2” H

Handmade in India

This is a Fair trade item. This item blends the traditional art forms of India with timeless and modern design aesthetics bringing people and cultures closer together. Over 1000 artisans throughout India lend their talent which helps to create not only beautiful items but also creates economic opportunities in marginalized communities. Materials and processes used are safe for the people and kind to the land.